“As with last year’s popular A Ship of Fools, The Karavan Ensemble’s latest production begins in the centre of town with Marion Déprez conducting an impromptu conference with the oversubscribed audience before herding them onto the Big Lemon and keeping up her trademark barmy authority throughout the circuitous journey. Getting there is half the fun really.

Anima is concerned with light: the significance of the way we light our lives and the influence of lighting choices on a performance. In the absence of a traditional lighting rig, the show is illuminated entirely by lamps donated, along with a few stories, by the people of Brighton.

Those accustomed to the Karavan Ensemble will recognise characters and vocabularies of movement, deployed to different ends but distinct and familiar. Ringmaster and director Yael Karavan herself, however, is conspicuous in her absence. Bruno Humberto again leads the pack, acting as our conduit to the abstractions on stage and framing disparate scenes as an astronomer and a conductor….

Anima is filled with wonderful moments. There are so many concepts, genuinely creative, which are effectively realised, as well as engaging, entertaining characters, witty visualisations and striking vignettes …This is undoubtedly another strikingly original production with perfectly conceived sound design.” 

By Sophie London

Total Theatre