“We are in a kind of dream world, an imagination space, a mood-space, an atmosphere where the fourth wall has fallen and yet is also strangely a kind of ghost haunting the experience… The fourth wall is tossed about on this sea of invention… It’s full of heart, warmth and welcome.” Paul Levi -Fringe Review

“A Ship of Fools is an unconventional, challenging, often magical show… and Karavan has made glorious fools of us all.” Fringe Guru

“…a memorable and meaningful experience that successfully harnesses the irreverent power of The Fool…” Total Theatre

Open a door within and be taken by a unique unfolding site specific experience… A journey through dance, physical theatre, music, installation and the realms of human nature.

Directed by Yael Karavan with The Karavan Ensemble – Linda Remahl, Bruno Humberto, Ana Fernandez Martinez, Sofia Fernandez Martinez, Rachel Champion, Pepa Ubera, Howard Sivills, Tamar Daly and Marion Deprez

Special guest Renee Ansell

‘Everyone carries a number of characters within himself; they make up ones store of experience and determine one’s image of humanity. There are not too many such types; they get passed on and are inherited from one generation to the next…the tendency to see people in their variety is fundamental and ought to be nourished…

Some of the new “characters” i have invented could be seen as sketches for fictional characters; other are occasions for self-observation. At first glance, one sees acquaintances, at second, oneself…. thats how people are, richly endowed, and that is how we would look, in each case, if just one of our constituent elements were consistently pushed to a head…

…like many animals, characters seemed to be threatened with extinction. But in reality the world is swarming with them. One has only to invent them in order to see them. Whether they are malicious or comical, it is better that they dont vanish from the face of the earth…’ Elias Jaques Canetti

Karavan Ensemble and the Community

Over the course of the 6 week process of devising A Ship of Fools, we developed a new relationship with young people in Hollingdean through our partnership with Hollingdean Development Trust.  As long-term contributers to the development of the artist community Coachwerks, based in Holllingdean, we wanted to invite local residents to be part of the creation of our performance for the Festival Fringe which was taking place on their doorstep.  Working closely with the community development worker Liz Lee, we were introduced to young people between the ages of 6 and 18 to whom we offered free weekend workshops using the theme of fools.  Working with games, languages, theatre, dance, music and voice we created moments of wonder that directly contributed to the development of the wider piece of work.  These young people and their families were invited to a special matinee performance during the Fringe that allowed them to see how their ideas became real aspects of the final show.