The Karavan Ensemble embark upon their 8day residency in Koln, Germany with KolbFabrik, an artist community established 25 years ago from a jumble of narly old caravans. During September it hosts the festival Cityleaks, exhibiting artworks of many residents, local artists and featuring performance this weekend by The Karavan Ensemble.  Building on the recent success of Anima, the Ensemble are devising a new site-responsive piece of work for Kolbfabrik and all it’s myriad objects and spaces. Working conceptually with the theme of recycling..of emotions, thoughts, stories, ideas, objects, time, life. The Ensemble use light and darkness to offer the Koln audience a taste of their unique performative language. Performance starts 9pm at KolbFabrik, 16th and 17th September.

For more information http://www.cityleaks-festival.com